Mondays and a few things.


Today I locked my keys in the car for the umpteenth time (probably like 5th).

I parked where I wasn’t supposed to.

Oh, and I got to ride shotgun in a police car. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t arrested.)

I’ve been making a lot of lists lately, mostly because it occupies the summer boredom.

Typically to-do lists, but also things like this, things that basically, make me more excited than coffee.

(Notice that’s #1 on the list.)

1. Drinking this. I actually like it black, but this was the only visually appealing photo I actually took.

2. Eating this and this. The latter, I vowed never to eat again after eating nearly half of it last week. Did I mention I also ate cake and ice cream yesterday? YOLO… I also vowed I would never say that.

3. I’m never going to include YOLO in any formal piece of writing, unless it’s supposed to be funny. (Completely giving an excuse for #2 ^^)

4. I now have amazing art from this artist  and this photographer. Check them out. It’ll enrich your life. 

5. I will never stop loving this thing. Even if I eat it three times a day. The deli where this originated from, also has a lot of beards, which makes sense because it’s named ‘Two Beards.’ Just look at this.

I realize that a majority of items that comprise my list have to do with food and drink…er, coffee. Hopefully you enjoy reading about what I like to ingest, as much as I like actually ingesting it.

Ooh, #6. I’m one of those people who takes pictures of their food. No apologies.

I also realize that a lot of blogs have lists. What I like…What I ate…What I did on this one day of the week…

I won’t steal your thunder. All the time.

I was so stumped about starting my blogging back up again; where to go with it, what to say, but when I talk about the things that excite me the most (aka this list) it gets the most curiosity and laughs. Apparently I’m sometimes funny. Or at least think I am?

7. You might find me around town with one of these. Not the heart, but the spoon.

8. I like links.

Stay golden.

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