Maybe if I just keep Cooking…

Today was the last day of summer. Summer vacation that is. School has never jived too well with me. A new bag full of plastic school supplies, the smell of rubber through the hallways from the recently-bought sneakers, the unintended eavesdropping of everyone’s summer mishaps and adventures, all of which are over-exaggerated none the less- its all never been a favorite of mine.

I’m not trying to make myself seem like the anti-everything kid. In fact, there is a little excitement brewing inside, the possibilities of change, something new, perhaps, that is perhaps, exciting. It’s just that after about the third huge assignment and everyone’s stories get told the umpteenth time, it all becomes the same, the same as last year and the year before that, and the year before that, and everyone dreads everything. So, yes, there’s some excitement of what could become of this year gurgling inside, and rather than thinking of tomorrow as the typical ‘first day of school!’ and rather think of it as another day, another day that could get better, may get worse, but in the end is part of my life, not school, but my life.

I love learning. Learning, exploring, and I’m sure any huge assignment I’ll be getting this year, I’ll probably hammer out, just because I love doing new things, creating new things, discovering new things. It’s just the social imperfections that make school a little…let’s just say difficult for a kid like me. High school is a small component of my life, and yes I’m making the best of it, so to me I don’t section it off as ‘high school,’ rather a snippet of my life. An interesting sippet, that is.

So today, this Labor Day, I’ve occupied my day with doing things I typically do when…well, I’m avoiding an upcoming task. An upcoming task that, to be honest, I fear the outcome of. You know by now what I’m talking about. I’m just afraid it could turn out as bad as the past years. It could turn out better, worse, or some adjective far beyond my thoughts, but because I do not know, and it takes up the next nine months of my life, I have to admit, I’m a little fearful. Anyways, you can probably guess what I was doing to occupy my day.

I cooked, ate, cooked some more, cleaned out the whole fridge, captured some amazing photographs of everything I cooked, cleaned, and ate/drank, cooked some more, drank a lot of tea, coffee, and cucumber water, ooh and I ate some more. It was quite a day. Not to mention it was just me and the dog and I had my radio singing the sweet words of perfection that put me in my realm of solitude.

Now, I’m writing, my other life-saving activity. Not a bad day, not to mention I have lots of new recipes to share. Lots of reipes that I hope will satisfy your need to fill any void in your life, or just occupy any upcoming fears, so you can be brought to a place of peace and tranquility, with a hopeful and happy outlook on what is to come. Everything I cooked up is both wholesome and beautiful, only contributing to a more beautiful and peaceful you.

Here’s to a hopeful outlook on the future and a start, wait, no, new day to add to this book of mine called Life.

And here’s one bright recipe to jump start your adventure.

Fresh Scented Watermelon & Yogurt

1 cup plain Greek yogurt
juice of 1/4-1/2 small lime
approximately 12 mint leaves to taste
1 cup or more of diced watermelon
sprinkle of pistachios

Mix the lime juice into the yogurt. Dice up about 10 mint leaves. Fine. Combine them into the yogurt.

Dice up the watermelon into cubes the size of your liking.

Dollop the yogurt onto a small plate, forming a nice round puddle. Add the watermelon cubes into a mound atop the yogurt pond. Sprinkle the pistachios down the mound, allowing them to rest in the crevices of the melon. Dice or chop the leftover  mint and garnish your mountain of new beginnings.

Enjoy. And embrace what could begin.

P.S. Sorry for the unfortunate blurry images at the beginning. I’m working on a new way of uploading images, as it can be quite difficult to arrange them nicely when uploading. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Maybe if I just keep Cooking…

  1. Just remember that the this ‘First Day of School’ is your LAST ‘First Day of School’ because next year it will be your ‘First Day of College!’ A totally different yet wonderful experience!

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