Here’s to One More Night

The list went on. I’m sure it had to consume a few pages of my reporter tablet, if I had written it all down. My list of to-dos fo the summer hasn’t dwindled to much, with many activities that have gone undone and many ideas still abloom in my mind. Including the promises not to let this happen. Regardless, school starts next week, and I’ve still done quite a bit to be happy about.

Let’s Recap.


2 internships. 1 job. Numerous trips to my Northern cottage. Star gazing. Washington Journalism and Media Conference. Lollapalooza Chicago. Photoshoots. City Lights Music Festival photographer. Face painter for kids. My own organic garden. Late night ice cream with mom. Re-starting my running regimen. Detroit’s Eastern Market. Lots of new food, tastes, sights. Growing with my blog. Mysterious unknown bug bites…were they even bugs? Strengthening my writing. Meeting so many people, whom, if I hadn’t, would have made the next 9 months of my life pretty difficult.

So much I’ve done, so much I haven’t done, and so much more to do.

We always look back thinking I didn’t do this, or I should of done that, but really no summer is ever going to turn out the way we planned back in May. This summer sure didn’t, but at the same time, I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Here’s to summer and another evening lying under the stars and another morning sipping warm coffee. Hopefully with a friend.

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