A Sandwich kind of Weekend…and Week

So I kind of have this thing with sandwiches. Not just a plain old thrown together ham-on-Wonderbread sort of thing-although I suppose that may be good every now and then. Maybe. I’m talking about the crunchy, gooey, mouthwatering goodness that is typically enveloped by a protector, that both holds in the goodies and falls apart once bitten.

Being a sandwich connoisseur, the Grand Rapids ‘Grandwich’ competition has been at the height of my thoughts, especially around mealtimes.

We went to the SpeakEZ Lounge, an artsy spot known for unique food and a feeling of old prohibition decór.

Three Grandwiches, which came with saffron risotto cakes, an extra sandwich for the hungry boy, and a bowl of mac and cheese. (I’ll save this particular pasta obsession for another post)


What better way to recover from a sore-yet-happy-tummy hangover and a somewhat successful morning at the gym, than homemade sandwiches?

Corned beef. Spicy Chicken. Variety of Swiss. Onion. Artichoke Spread. Grilled Ciabatta.  With basil and feta chips and cracked pepper chips.

And today we hit up Bartertown, a local vegan and co-op restaurant in Grand Rapids. Although we did not try their version of the Grandwich, all three of us lunch-attendees gobbled down a sandwich/burrito of the sort. I enjoyed the special black bean and tofu burger with tempeh bacon, a coconut slaw and basil aioli. Mother had a chickpea melt. Friend had the special ‘bowl of food’ put into a burrito.


And tomorrow? Who knows. Maybe it’s time for a quesadilla.

What’s the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten? Descriptions are welcome. And enjoyed.

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