Damp grass gives me my Own Rainy Day

As I stepped out of the door this morning, running late, having to take a last minute photo to use in an article, I noticed: it was raining. Not a hard, pelting rain, but a nice, soft sprinkle after the apparent nighttime storm. Although my inner-journalist wanted to get a good shot for her soon-to-be published article, I must say I was even happier that liquid was finally falling from the sky. Goodbye drought.

I hope.

I really do love the rain.

“Mom, I could totally live in Seattle.”

Well, I mean, I like when it’s raining while watching from the inside…while I write, work, perhaps sip some tea if I’m home, under a soft warm blanket. That occasional day would come where I would go play out in the rain, grace everyone with my singing voice, but probably not if the rain came out of the blue and down-poured during an unexpected time…other than a drought. But, let’s not get into that. I love the rain, the warm, soft aroma that resignates from its puddles. And I’m happy that it’s raining.

In addition to rain, these are the other things I’m loving right now:

Waking up early to enjoy some morning coffee and writing before heading off to work. Broken mug from the Newseum, but enough inspiration to get me through the day.

This evening…amazing!!

Saddle bag. Home to all of my journeys. All of my travels.

Our local contest to find the best sandwhich in GR!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to try all 28, but I sure must try! After eating your favorite sandwhich sponsored by a GR restaurant, just vote for your favorite!

The rain has long-since passed. The sun has been slumbering for awhile now, and all is dry. Perhaps a dampness still lingers in the soil, permeating its nutrients. As I sit here sipping some tea, in my warm blanket, writing, catching up on news, doing the things I love, the pitter-patter of rain almost seems real, and for now, I am content, and I turn the success of today into my rainy day.

What are some of your favorite things you’ve been experiencing recently? Please comment and share!


2 thoughts on “Damp grass gives me my Own Rainy Day

  1. A walk with the dog at sunrise with a very bright and colorful rainbow (of course I stumbled over my own two feet as I was staring at the rainbow!). Weekly Saturday mornings gathering of men for prayer and discussion of the gospels!

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