I Follow the Heat!

Alright, now, I didn’t exactly keep my promise to write back soon, but GOODNESS has it been a hectic  couple of weeks! I definitely cannot complain, because without staying busy, things can get pretty unbearable for me at times.

We just got back from our cottage last night, and it was beautiful…not to mention HOT. There is typically always a soft, cool breeze that hits our end of the lake, and most especially our cottage which sits on a hill, but even the holiday week’s scorching hot heat prevailed for the most part.

Returning to a house comprised of smells of home and AC has been a treat for the past day, but I’m now sitting 34996 feet above ground and flying 485 mph headed to the great Washington D.C. for the Washington Journalism and Media Conference (WJMC), of course, following the heat wave…

I’m really looking forward to attending the conference, as journalism is my true passion. Getting the opportunity to explore the intricacies of the field: its ethics, powers, and areas of study, is what can make all the difference in becoming successful. One of my bets friends went to the conference last year, and by word of mouth, it should be great! Following the five-day program I will be staying with my cousins who live in the D.C. area, an area I haven’t been to since I was about 6 years old, and they were just getting married.

My internship with Shelley Irwin at WGVU granted me an interview discussing the Washington Journalism Conference, which was aired on July 3. It was part of the Business Happens in Heels segment. What an honor! I’ll be on air again to discuss my travels upon my return to Michigan!

Take a listen to the interview!

Shelly Irwin and me in the studio!

Travelling. New experiences, people, culture, knowledge, FOOD. Ooh! I need to brace myself!

Like my typical food creations that I’ll become addicted to and have to make and eat every day, I have a new delicacy in store!!

Think, Power Bowl. Full of high protein yogurt, protein powders, fruits, granola, nuts, nut butters, milk, anything you can imagine. It’s a great way to clean out the kitchen cupboards or fridge. And don’t even doubt that I didn’t bring supplies to make up my own little concoctions while at the conference.

The best part is that the ingredients can always be different, changing flavors, and never getting old. At least, not yet. Stay tuned for some recipes soon!

Well, I better get to doing some preparation work, but I will be blogging about my conference experience, not only because it’s a requirement, but because, of course, I love to write. Here’s to following the heat, which can take you to new places and new heights. It doesn’t always have to be sweaty…

Peace, love, and happy travels to wherever life may take you!


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