Well, it’s been a long time

My, has it been awhile since blogging! I was hoping to do a lot of it in New York City…..but that slid a little bit. Don’t worry, I have LOTS of inspirational plates I will be sharing soon!

Just look at my lap during the car ride home. It was the first of non-restaurant food for a week, but my, was it delicious!

The markets of NYC never fail to have wonderful carry-out items. Like sushi buffets in a small, quick stop market?! Man, I can’t even tell you how much I am going to miss this.

Check this out!!

Well, before I left for the Northeast, I started a training regimin to help build up more lean muscle. This has meant a slightly new diet, comprised mostly of protein, and hardly no CARBS!! Now, you may not be quite aware of this yet, but carbs are my best friend. They give life to my fresh squeezed juices, warm me up with a big bowl of oatmeal topped with granola AND bananas, and are around for that craving of pizza or a panini, that lurks around every mealtime. The adjustment sure has been hard, but you learn to appreciate foods in different ways, which has led to more creative juices flowing…

My dog, Sadie, has even been stalking the kitchen, hoping for some scraps.

Who needs a large serving of carbs at lunch AND dinner, when you can substitute one for something such as, let’s just say, Green Turkey Roll-Ups.

Green Turkey Roll-Ups  (3 rolls)

3-6 slices of thin turkey

1/2 avocado

fresh herbs: thyme, basil, rosemary

chopped onion


1/4 cup black beans

few chopped up cherry tomatoes
Spread the avocado guacamole along the center of each turkey slice. Top with soe black beans, tomato, onions, and spinach. Sprinkle the fresh chopped herbs and roll ’em up!Depending on how thick your turkey is, you may want to use two slices for each roll. Lay out your three slices and if you want to double the thickness, add another slice on top of each. Mash up the avocado and mix with salt, pepper, or any other spices you like.

It’s a great appetizer or snack, that is protein-packed for those post-workout days. So, so much flavor!

Now, if you go light on carbs for one meal, the other can have a decent amount, right? And who doesn’t love a towering plate of nachos to fill your tummy up?

Southwestern Nachos

8-10 tortilla chips1/4 cup Mexican cheese

1/4-1/2 avocado

diced tomatoes, onions, red pepper (as much as you’d like!)

1/4 cup black beans

cut up protein, such as chicken, pork, veggie burger

I lay the chips down with a sprinkle of cheese, then quickly heat it up in the microwave. I then mix together the black beans tomatoes, avocado, onion, and peppers, along with any seasonings or taco sauce. Distribute the mixture and the protein onto the chips and sprinkle with the rest of the cheese. Pop back into the microwave, or the oven for extra crispy chips.

You could also use other items to load the nachos up with such as roasted corn or jalapeños. My recipe for avocado sour cream goes perfectly for a cool, smooth topping.

Well, I’m off to explore. I’ll be back though, but SOON this time. My love for writing and cooking must prevail.


2 thoughts on “Well, it’s been a long time

  1. Dear Allie, very interesting recipes, especially the wraps. I am delighted to know you are working with a trainer and exercising + the mindful eating. Pretend you are French and savor every bite by chewing slowly! Let’s get together for breakfast or lunch now that school is done for the summer.

  2. Mrs. Ender,
    Thank you so much, I have definitely been working hard at it! Breakfast or lunch sounds great. I would love to catch up!

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