The Concept of Conscious Cooking

Well, just a few more weeks until summer, which means more time to work, play, garden, and enjoy the good outdoors.

For breakfast, I’ve always been into mixing random goodies together in a bowl larger than my head and then gobbling it up faster than the time it took me to put it all together. Well, the other day, I put together a delicious concoction. 

The Bowl of Indecision

1/4 cup cooked oatmeal (or leftovers that are heated up)

Add however much liquid you like: water, coconut milk (makes it smooth and creamy), vanilla protein powder (also delicious, post-workout)

Add 1/4 cup of granola on top

Sprinkle blueberries


You can easily substitute different flavors, but I will also be posting some different recipes for them on my Recipes page.

For dinner that night, I was trying to come up with a menu plan. I would get excited at everything that came to mind, then I would go look in the kitchen for the ingredients, and of course, I would be missing one of the main components. That night, I did NOT feel like running up to the store, waiting in the checkout lane, and falling into the trap of buying more food than I needed, just to walk out of the store with a few pears, or a loaf of bread. Besides, I would probably walk out of the store with an order of prepared sushi, and then I wouldn’t even need to cook dinner.

So this got me thinking. By running to the store, I’m spending time, energy, gas, and money, when I have a fridge that is bursting with a surplus of food (and I truly mean this as I could barely shut the door without somethign falling out).

We always think about the finished product of what we are going to make, but rarely look at the ingredients we have, of which we THEN decide what to prepare. Always having the thought of the “finished product” leads us to a path of waste, both in time and food. It causes us to lose out on all of the creativity and imagination that one can throw into cooking if they just grab a pan, and begin throwing some stuff in it…which is exactly what I did on Tuesday night. And look at what landed on my plate: 

Nuts and Bolts Tofu Plate
For the vegetables, I cubed up squash and zucchini, coated it with a thin layer of pumpkin butter, and put it in the oven at around 375-400 degrees (It can vary). I roasted them for about 20-25 minutes.

Cut tofu into serving sizes, and coat with pumpkin butter, cinnamon, and some pepper. Sear this on each side in a frying pan.

Toast some berries and buts in a pan on high heat for a few minutes, tossing them every now and then.

Lay out your veggies, place the tofu on top, and sprinkle on the nuts and berries!

I used some extra pumpkin butter for dipping my veggies, too! You can really play around with the flavors, but today, I was just feeling warm, Autumn flavors.

And to think that I would have had to go out and get even MORE food than what I already had, purely amazes me with our consumption patterns…ones that I always fall into myself. But, today, my food brought me to the idea of conservation, and in the end the idea led me to create a beautiful, delicious meal.

To the gift of food and our ability to share it and be nourished by it.

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