And I Didn’t Even Knock on Wood

Well, yesterday was my first day of personal fitness training and although we talked for half of the hour, with only 30 minutes of strength training, I was beat! As I always push myself a little more than I should, and not feeling TOO sore this morning, I got up before school and headed to the gym.

I was pretty proud of myself and making it through all the reps AND sets my instructor gave me, so when I got home I wasn’t going to wait around to get refueled with some good protein. Over the weekend, I came across the idea of ‘green eggs’ and what better quick and wasy way to get recharged, than a breakfast burrito?

Green Scrambled Eggs (1-2 servings, depends on how much you’d like…I ate it all!)

4 egg whites or about 1/2 cup egg beaters (can use whole eggs as well)

3/4 cup mix of chopped kale and spinach

fresh herbs/seasonings and milk to taste

Blend the eggs, greens, seasonings, and optional milk. I added just a quick dollop of almond milk and a pinch of pepper and fresh rosemary and thyme. Pour mixture into a pan, and proceed to make scrambled eggs. I typically wait for the bottom of the mixture to start to set in the pan before beginning to scramble them.

Meanwhile I roasted a red pepper over the stove and heated up a tortilla/flat bread piece, so it got warm and a little bit crunchy.

Lay out the bread on a plat, add the eggs and peppers, some extra herbs, roll, and bite up!

It’s the perfect way to kick-start the morning with fresh herbs and greens, along with some lasting protein, whether it’s a post-workout recovery, or just the start to a good day. Everyone deserves a good, power breakfast.

It was odd today, because I had to try to get little protein snacks in throughout the day, which is hard at school when I pack my own lunch everyday, and when I’m not a huge snacker. It’s just so hard for me to remember to eat between meal times, especially if I forget and don’t have my stomach growling at me.

But on the other hand, I never felt starving during the day, I always felt satisfied, and had energy from my activated metabolism all day.

So at work, I happened to be shredding paper, thinking to myself, “wow, my arms are really sore…but my legs aren’t too bad.” Well, I didn’t even knock on wood to find out that after bending down to clean up some of the paper scraps, my legs were VERY sore. Like painfully sore. Well, Allison, why did you even have to say that…think that?

Anyhow, I was actually pretty hungry when I got home, and after the goodness of my green eggs breakfast burrito, I wanted another one…well another burrito/wrap of some sort, ooh and some more protein to heal up my tired muscles. So I mixed up a can of tuna with squirts of various salad dressings, plain greek yogurt, herbs, spices, onion, and the rest of my red pepper from breakfast. I rolled this up with some spinach and tomato, and dug in to my hand-held torpedo-like sandwich…again.

It’s so hard to write recipes sometimes when there are so many different variations of one thing…like tuna salad for instance. It really just takes putting a little of what you like, with some heart and motivation, and typically a hungry belly, and you, my friend can be a chef! But if you’d like a recipe, don’t worry, my Recipe page will have one shortly.

To a quick yet prosperous week! (And a fast recovery of my muscles…)

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