A Feast Fit for More than Just a Mother

After waking up from a night of making homemade vegan pumpkin butter, vegan steel-cut oats, and *trying* to study for a big history test, I popped up on this beautiful Sunday to create a breakfast feast for my parents in honors of Mothers Day. My mom has been there with me through it all, and I owe her time and patience, love, and support to helping me recover from my eating disorder and deal with my anxiety. I try to make every day be a celebration of acknowledging the great women in my life, not to mention the men too. (My dad LOVED the brunch I cooked up this morning! He even picked up these flowers, although mom teased him a little about his selection.)

I can’t get my mind off of exploring new recipes and creating my own, so I was waiting in anticipation to put my skills to the test. My anxiety and decision making skills for determining what to make can be a problem at times, but I had to push aside thoughts on what I “think” I should eat, and make something that I “should” eat, is “okay” to eat, and something that I “know” my eaters will love.

It’s what we put on our plate, that defines our life and without any regrets, this is it: 

I started off my mothers day brunch with a coconut chai latte, from Oh She Glows, which has the flavors of my mom’s favorite things, coconut, chai, and LATTE of course!

Blueberry Vanilla Bean Pancakes, stacked with blueberries, bananas, coconut, and a blueberry glaze were next to hit the plate! Oh She Glows 

I always totally stress about whether or not my food will be enjoyable to other people…last time too much cayenne and overcooked eggs made a for a VERY spicy sweet potato hash…but this time, the breakfast was a sure HIT!

I added more like a full cup of coconut to the batter, despite the recipe, because we are huge coconut lovers. To the glaze, water and honey was added for a lighter consistency. I even sprinkled blueberries and bananas on the pancakes while they sizzled on the griddle. Remember to play around with your food a little bit and place bananas and blueberries between the pancakes to add a bit of visual appeal, not to mention a palate full of flavor when you take a bite…..

Excitement of cooking always seems to outweigh my forethought on conserving dishes, so I ended up doing dishes for about a half hour after the meal, BUT this is not to scare you away from making the fabulous pancakes, it is just my absent-mindedness when it comes to my love for cooking. (Dad did help me though, surprisingly, and the sink turned out pretty clean I think.) 

I think its his turn to make dinner…chicken pasta with roasted red peppers…MMMmmm. Although, I’m still extremely full from the yummy brunch!

So here’s to a wonderful day- the sun is shining and the birds are singing- and a wonderful year to come!

One thought on “A Feast Fit for More than Just a Mother

  1. This mornings special delivery of fresh bread and a delicious medley of homemade vegan pumpkin butter, steel oats, and delicious granola was much appreciated. As I had two leftover pizza crusts and some garlic butter for dinner after work last night!

    What a great way to start the day!

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